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Health examination for organs

The health of staff and employees is a solid foundation for the development of each company and enterprise. Because employees are healthy, their jobs can be completed fully and produce good products to help the business grow and become more stable.

Periodic health examination is important, on the one hand, this activity helps us to know what the body is in need, needs to supplement as well as what limitations. At the same time, periodic health examinations ensure detection of the disease in the onset stage, avoiding the situation for the disease to progress seriously and causing difficulties for treatment as well as costly. In addition, periodic health checks help us eliminate factors that increase the risk of infection, and prevent disease safely.

Regular health check for employees is not only a method of checking and evaluating the overall health of employees, but also contributes to show the proper concern of the business to its staff. mine.

With many years of organizational experience, MEDIC DI AN GENERAL CLINIC provides periodic health services for hundreds of businesses with a capacity to serve more than 300 people / day. In particular, MEDIC DI AN GENERAL CLINIC wants to change a long-standing perspective in periodic health checks for employees of enterprises, namely: perfunctory, coping or making yes. We are aware of the importance of every checkup, as well as a record of medical records and the advice of doctors. Besides, the service quality of the medical unit helping service users feel comfortable while experiencing is also very important.

At MEDIC DI AN GENERAL CLINIC, the health check-up program is flexibly designed according to the time, budget of the business, diversified to meet the need of screening.

- Organize health examination according to the needs of the business.

- Providing services to take samples for testing directly at enterprises, in order to save travel time of employees of the company.

- Provide many preferential programs and flexibility in payment methods.

- Support for training of occupational safety and basic first aid skills (Certificate of participation in training).

MEDIC DI AN GENERAL CLINIC is pleased to invite your company to use our corporate health examination service to ensure that the staff always have the best health ..

We are proud to have been with enterprises - major brands in the periodic health check-ups for employees and received compliments, thanks from employees as well as company leaders.

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