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Health insurance examination

To facilitate health insurance customers, MEDIC DI AN GENERAL CLINIC has established a service to support medical examination and treatment with Insurance with a convenient process for patients:

  • Reduce administrative procedures
  • Shorten waiting time
  • Reception department is professionally trained, dedicated and thoughtful.
  • Application of information technology through software for health insurance always ensures fast and accurate information entry.

Step 1: Register at the Clinic Reception Department

The Receptionist will guide you through the medical examination and treatment process at MEDIC DI AN GENERAL CLINIC, the insurance payment procedure.

Customers please present:

  • Insurance card (still valid) and ID card or Passport.
  • If it is a child, please bring a Birth Certificate.

Step 2: Consultation by internal medicine doctor

The Receptionist will guide you to meet an internal medicine doctor for advice based on your health situation. The doctor will talk directly with you about the health problems you have been facing. Thereby, the doctor will appoint the necessary tests to more accurately diagnose the disease. You can choose whether or not to use the specified inspection services. The customer will sign to confirm the cost of treatment and diagnosis to calculate the difference in addition to the cost paid by health insurance (if any).

Step 3: Pay the difference in examination expenses in addition to the expenses paid by the health insurance

Benefits of insured customers at MEDIC DI AN GENERAL CLINIC
When giving medical examination and treatment at the right place of initial registration, which is MEDIC DI AN GENERAL CLINIC or at the right technical and professional level, the patient is paid at the premium price of health insurance.

  • Customers will be paid 100% of the medical care costs if they are the people with meritorious services to the revolution, children under 6 years old; Professional, professional and technical officers and non-commissioned officers of the People's Public Security force.
  • A customer is paid 95% of medical care costs if he is a beneficiary of: monthly pension, monthly loss of working capacity, and monthly social protection allowance; poor households; Ethnic minority people living in areas with difficult or extremely difficult socio-economic conditions. The difference is paid by the customer.

For students, students, officials:

  • If the total cost of medical examination and drugs is below the level prescribed by the health insurance (depending on each time), the customer will be paid 100% by the health insurance.
  • If the total cost of examination and drugs is above the prescribed level of the health insurance (depending on each time), the customer will pay with the health insurance and the co-pay is 20%.
  • Simple and fast transfer procedure.

Step 4: Examination and treatment at MEDIC DI AN GENERAL CLINIC

MEDIC DI AN GENERAL CLINIC There is no distinction between patients with health insurance and clients who seek services. All customers' interests are the same, examination, consultation and treatment are carried out by a team of professors and doctors who are highly specialized and dedicated to the patient.

Step 5: Return medical examination results

  • Examination results are usually returned to the patient immediately after the examination.
  • Test results, clinical diagnosis will be returned within 1 hour.

For more information about the medical insurance program, please contact MEDIC DI AN GENERAL CLINIC directly

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