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Home examination

Home Care Service - An excellent medical service in today's society, especially in the difficult times of the global epidemic - Covid-19. Besides the patient is absolutely safe, it also saves the patient a great deal of time when there is no need to wait.

1. Overview of the service "Home examination"

     Home examination, also known as family doctor, is a service that takes care of patients carefully and manages the health of each family member. individuals monitor and care for their health and are responsible for each individual's health.

     With this service, doctors will visit patients at home on demand. One thing that is interesting is that with home examination, many people find it easier while many other clinics and hospitals are in love. Furthermore, having home visits by doctors will also have more time to get to know the patient's condition in the greatest detail.

2. Who should use the service "Home examination"

2.1. Elderly

     Adults often suffer from diseases such as osteoarthritis, cardiovascular disease, and blood pressure, which are characterized by incurable and incurable conditions that can only control and inhibit the development of the disease. Therefore, having a person regularly monitoring and taking care of the health of the elderly is essential, seeking home medical services for the elderly is the most suitable solution at the moment.

2.2. Children

     Like the elderly, young children often suffer from different diseases due to the influence of their underdeveloped physicality, poor stamina and resistance.

     Instead of going to the pediatric hospital always in a state of overload, waiting tirelessly to see and diagnose the baby, and have to spend a lot of effort taking care of the baby, home health services immediately eliminate troubles. That big one.

     Home health care services fully and urgently meet the needs of examination and diagnosis of diseases that young children need: general internal clinical examination, preventive injection, treatment of acute diseases ...

2.3. Stroke patients

     For patients after stroke often leave huge sequelae such as hemiplegia, difficulty walking, poor language expression ... so it is very necessary to have a regular side to take care of every piece of food, sleep. sleeping, taking medicine ... if you choose to take care of the patient at home, in this case it will help the patient to reduce fatigue when being treated at the hospital, reduce the cost of treatment and contribute to the recovery of the health of the disease. multiply more quickly.

3. The facilities of the "home examination" service MEDIC DI AN GENERAL CLINIC

  • No need to move far, as well as waste time waiting.
  • Minimize the risk of cross-infection, as well as avoid cross-infection to others
  • Doctors have more diagnostic information when visiting home, better understanding patient's living environment.
  • Easy registration with doctors at home: choose doctors from the list and take the initiative in visit time when calling HOTLINE to book a doctor
  • Proactively receive online medical reports through Zalo, Email or at home
  • Careful examination: when visiting the home, the doctor will have the opportunity to observe the living place and family environment, thereby giving specific and accurate advice.
  • Home testing services are convenient and fast. Hard copy results are sent home in 3-5 days, soft copies will be sent electronically to patients within 24 hours (depending on the type of test).
  • Home medical service of MEDIC DI AN GENERAL CLINIC with a variety of specialties such as General Medicine, General Surgery, Gastrointestinal, Cardiology, Respiratory, Annual General Examination, periodic health examination monthly period, ... ..

4. Why when choosing the service "Home examination" in MEDIC DI AN GENERAL CLINIC

4.1. Highly skilled team of doctors and nurses

      Doctors and nurses at MEDIC DI AN GENERAL CLINIC have many years of experience, care and dedication when visiting patients.

4.2. Time and Cost

      Forget the hassle of traveling in the sun, long queues, or the fear of cross-contamination in crowds, MEDIC DI AN GENERAL CLINIC will spend 30 minutes of consultation quality & advise you in the comfort of your home. In addition, you are completely assured because the cost is clearly stated in advance, transparently, no extra charge.

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